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Mr. and Mrs. Bennifer

Here’s Your First Look at J.Lo’s Three Wedding Gowns

Plus, a close-up on her makeup
Celebrity Style

Let Pamela Anderson Show You How to Wear Balenciaga’s Controversial Take on Crocs

You know, for all those times you want to run errands in statement heels.
Celebrity Beauty

Kim Kardashian Now Has a Millennial Side Part

It's back, baby!

Emma Watson Just Revealed the Trippy Painting She Made in New York

Nine years ago, Hermione picked up a brush.

Christina Aguilera’s Infamous Two-Toned Hair Was So Much More Meaningful Than We Realized

The singer revolutionized the two-toned hair trend.

Hillary Clinton Faced Kim Kardashian in a Legal Knowledge Quiz…and Lost

It wasn't even close, TBH.