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Náosha Gregg


Acne Diaries

Peace Out Founder Enrico Frezza Is Creating a Safe Space for Acne 

Frezza created the brand's cult-favorite pimple patches to treat his own breakouts. 

It’s My Hair and I’ll Relax It—Or Not—If I Want To

After the pandemic closed salons, many Black women were forced to embrace their natural hair texture. Since reopening, some have returned to relaxers, inciting a tired debate on what “good” hair is. When we wear natural styles, it’s criticized as unprofessional. When we chemically straighten, we’re shamed that we don’t love ourselves. When it comes to our hair, why can’t Black women ever win?
Acne Diaries

​​Cori Zeichner Couldn’t Find Acne Products That Worked for Her—So She Created Her Own

The Jori Skincare founder and wife of renowned dermatologist Dr. Joshua Zeicher shares the products keeping her breakouts at bay. 

Inflammaging Is Damaging Your Skin—And You Probably Have No Idea

Chronic, low-grade inflammation is real and more common than you think.