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Alex Kessler

Celebrity Style

Let Pamela Anderson Show You How to Wear Balenciaga’s Controversial Take on Crocs

You know, for all those times you want to run errands in statement heels.
Celebrity Style

Dua Lipa Packed a Denim-Print Bikini for Her Birthday Trip to Ibiza

The vintage look is from Dior’s spring-summer 2000 collection.
Celebrity Style

Demi Moore’s Colorful Bikini Is Serious Swimsuit Goals

Time to book a last-minute summer vacation.
Celebrity Style

Hailey Bieber’s Vacation Wardrobe Is a Total Dream

Her latest travel looks will inspire your next summer escape.
Celebrity Style

Kim Kardashian Brings Her Baby Tee to the Beach


Of Course Kylie Jenner’s TikTok Is Blowing Up

Who needs Instagram? 
Celebrity Style

Only Mariah Carey Would Wear a Sequined Gown as Swimwear

Bikinis? She doesn’t know them.
Celebrity Style

Gwyneth Paltrow Proves You Really Can Wear Pajamas Out

Effortlessly chic and comfortable.
Celebrity Style

Naomi Campbell Takes the Double-Denim Trend to New Heights

It's a divisive look—but here's how you can do it right.
Celebrity Style

Hailey Bieber Makes the Motorcycle Jacket Work for Summer

Consider this proof you can wear those investment pieces year-round.

Kate Middleton Revisited Her Favorite White Suit

She really committed to the color.
Celebrity Style

Dakota Johnson Shows How to Do Sexy Suiting Right in a Backless Chain Mail Blazer

Johnson showed us two very different—but equally effective—takes on the blazer in 24 hours. 
Celebrity Style

Blake Lively Demonstrates How to Do Easy Summer-in-the-City Style

Cool, comfy, chic. 
Celebrity Style

Anne Hathaway Brought the Sunshine in Yellow Valentino

Let's hear it for Anne. 
Celebrity Style

Lily Collins Makes the Skirt Suit Red-Carpet-Appropriate With a Nude Crop Top

1980s, with a modern twist.